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Exotic States of Matter

by Quanta Qualia

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Superfluids 06:31


text for Superfluids

a biotropic entity performs it's initial approximation as it descends down my neck
here it decomposes into separate drops

let me receive them, let me perceive them
as they make their way into my spinal cord

surrounded by arches, spinning around their axes at high angular speeds of rotation
here they rest locally afloat
after reaching far into the pelvic area the drops come to a hold
there is a sensing of another presence, one of zero symmetries
we have now two forces facing each other
the reciprocal awareness causes the crystallization of an omnitruncated zonotype
aerosol static
the omnitruncated zonotype is now stretching it's cells unto unexpected domains
previously free surface is being enmeshed by spherical tilings
each and all throbbing in circles
the rapid expansion of it's hyperbolic body plane allows for time leaps to be visible and traceable
in the face of such agile capabilities the group of drops decides to dissipate into vapour
fumes flow off in search for the next favourable host

text for Brane-world Scenario

prepare for ungrounding, opening up field of geo-somatic possibilities
contact surface ready and native reformat activated
restabilize the interface for boundary tracking and download entrance of a new physical domain
3 2 1 0 ...

breathing surfaces generated right in front of my pelvic area
hook shaped processes, facing a cross section of air flowing regions in multiple directions
I can't unfold, the fibers continue to linger within
my shaft, my shaft
indulging ornaments, can't form the desirable texture of smaller spaces
shades of stained blood inverted speckles, forming orange silk patterns
body map scramble
I submit, I submit
now I fly upwards into a chamber through the tunnels and cavities, vines and veins, nerves and vessels
I move out and about
my body tilted to the left, head first tail last
I fly on and on, steadily, continuously
the tunnel seems to be of an endless curve spiraling inwards
my arms spiral inwards

KR009 (2020)


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved



KRUT Belgium

KRAAK's digital sublabel for all our dream releases to exist in the ether.

AUGUST 22: KRAAKFEST 2022 SPECIALS w/ Marcia Bassett, Barn Sour & Dhavali Giri


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